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Enterprise Resource Planning

This business process management approach involves using software that allows organizations to implement systems of integrated applications designed to manage the business and to automate back-office functions as they relate to IT, services, and HR.


Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management supports strategies for maintaining business infrastructure, ensures that best practices are followed, and that compliance requirements are addressed. It offers integrated workplace management, quality compliance, and lifecycle management.

Content Management Systems

By implementing a content management system, companies can organize, modify, and publish their information through a central application interface, as well as manage their workflow in an environment that favors collaboration. Generally a system will include a content management software application and a content delivery application.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) manages the way a company interacts with its customers. Using advanced technology, CRM systems automate, organize and synchronize business activities including marketing, sales, customer services, and IT support. With a CRM, customers are the focus of the enterprise as company responses are based on input from the customer.